Savings and investing more money

A quarter of people plan to invest and save more this year

The research has found that a quarter (24%) of people are planning to invest and save more of their money this year, when compared to last year. However, a tenth (9%) reckon that they will save and invest less this year than last, and a quarter (25%) expect their savings and investments to remain at the same level as with 2015.

The research also highlighted London as being the region most likely to save and invest the most money, where nearly a third (31%) said they would do this. Norwich was one of the lowest scoring regions, where only a tenth (10%) said they would do this. Other major differences are in age: two fifths (41%) of 25-34 year olds plan to save and invest more this year, compared to just over a tenth (12%) of 65-74 year olds.

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