Spain; the number one dream location for Brits fantasising about living abroad

Research conducted by Opinium on behalf of shows that Spain is the most popular destination for UK residents fantasising of a move overseas, with 13% of the respondents picking it as their number one choice.

Both Australia and New Zealand ranked second in the dream move destination, with 12% of Brits choosing these locations. Other popular destinations on the wish-list included USA (10%), Canada (9%), Italy (7%) and France (6%). Age played a major role in determining the choice of a dream location abroad. Those between 18-34 years old, prefer countries with better career opportunities. Hence unsurprisingly, US came out as a top choice for this age group, with 16% listing it as their favourite location followed by Australia and Spain.

Brits living on the south coast of England seem keener to keep their coastal lifestyle, with Italy being more popular with people living in Southampton (12%) and Brighton (15%) than the UK average of 7%.  For Londoners, New Zealand was the top pick with 13% followed by US and Canada both at 11% and Australia at 10%.

Despite having highlighted some key dream destinations, there were still 16% of residents that did not want to move anywhere. Some positive news, possibly showing that despite it being a relatively low figure, the UK still remains the top choice for some. 

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