Why Join the Opinium Panel?

Are you tired of taking part in never ending surveys? Have you been put off by low incentive rewards for answering the same questions again and again?

At Opinium we are not like most other survey companies; we are proud of our commitment to making research as rewarding as possible and make these promises to our members:

We’ll help you be heard

Our research covers a wide range of areas, from political polling, investigating attitudes on important social issues, new product development testing, website usability to more relaxing topical general opinion research – whatever issues are important to you we’ll give you the platform get your opinion heard.

We’ll keep our surveys short

Respondents tell us that, if a survey is too long, they don’t enjoy it and they start clicking replies at random. Opinium don’t want that to happen. We’ll always keep our surveys short and MEANINGFUL.

Longer surveys will pay more

If a survey is significantly longer in length, we’ll pay you more to take part. We don’t think it’s fair if surveys get longer and longer and respondent rewards don’t increase in proportion.

We will listen to you

Opinium surveys are designed to get at the truth, not to ‘prove a point’. We’ll always try to design questionnaires that lets you give us your HONEST opinions.

We will be open with you

While we can’t promise to share all our survey results – some of them are client confidential – we WILL try to put all the interesting results we can up on our Our Thinking and Facebook page, so you can share the knowledge we gain from running the research.

Your data is confidential

Opinium Research is registered with the UK Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) and our staff are members of the Market Research Society and ESOMAR. Your personal data is confidential and we do not share individual data with third parties.