Ideation Days

Opinium’s Ideation Day is a fun, dynamic and highly immersive experience. It is designed to concentrate the process of Ideation for swift and efficient development. 

A series of progressive and rewarding group sessions led by Opinium enable us to identify, develop and refine initial ideas based around market opportunities and to transform them into more finished concepts, for testing in the Conception phase.

Our expertise

Our research and insight team is made up of highly skilled moderators and insight professionals, experienced at workshopping ideas and leading innovative group sessions amongst different stakeholder groups.

Engaging with multiple stakeholders to drive innovation  

Over the course of the day we engage with different groups using many approaches, typically interspersing Development Sessions amongst the Client and Innovation Teams with Ideation Sessions amongst our consumers, to provide an iterative and fruitful process.

Development sessions:

Bringing together the Innovation Team with wider business teams and external business partners

  • Starting with a group session amongst the Innovation team, the objective will be to discuss business objectives, introduce initial ideas and review and agree the plan for the day.
  • Wider stakeholder groups will be engaged in order to tap into relevant business and market expertise; these could comprise other internal team members and external partners. The objective will be to add context and value to ideas emerging from consumers
  • A further workshop session comprising the Innovation team, will streamline and adapt ideas in line with workable business and category parameters.

Ideation sessions:

With highly engaged Consumer groups

  • A careful screening process is used to create consumer groups comprising those highly engaged with the category. We use category specific and non-category questions which require out of the box thinking to recruit the most creative, articulate and intelligent participants who will add real insight and value to the development process.
  • Sessions will be designed around innovative tasks and in-depth discussions to generate ideas. It’s a high tempo day focusing on swift development of initial ideas into solid concepts. 

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