Mobile Surveys

Mobile phones are now amongst life’s essentials, with users constantly receiving and responding to text updates, Twitter feeds and Facebook posts. Mobile research has come of age, giving us the ability to extract dynamic, real time insight from consumers who are on the move and ‘in the moment’.

Marketers now have the tools to be able to engage with consumers at the exact moment that they come into contact with the brand. This opportunity leads to insight, analysis and understanding of consumer reactions, providing essential feedback into marketers’ tactical and strategic decision making.

Mobile phones share the same characteristics as the four main traditional methodologies, but add location and immediacy of results to the mix. Further, if the success of online was due to global penetration of web connections, it is key to note that there are already three times as many mobile phone subscriptions as internet connections with 3.5 Billion handsets, representing a 40% global penetration rate (90% in the developed world) (Netsize Guide, 2008, Informa Telecoms & Media, 2008).

Opinium Mobile works with clients to capture real-time, in-location and ‘in the moment’ feedback from consumers, either using our mobile phone community panel or directly from our clients’ customer communities. This allows us to provide immediate insights into the performance of the brand at the moment that it comes into contact with consumers.