The baby bill: parents-to-be spend £700 on pregnancies

A survey by Opinium on behalf of American Express revealed that on average, parents-to-be spend £701 while waiting for the arrival of their child.

Celebrating their babies before they are born is the biggest cost for new parents, averaging £91 for a baby shower among Brits who have had a child within the past three years. Such events are now organised by three quarters (73%) of new parents and this includes 12% who adopt a newer trend of throwing a gender reveal party.

 High spending is not limited to parents, as families and friends are often expected to give generous gifts when attending pre-birth celebrations – spending an average of £61 on each gift when attending a gender reveal party as well as £39 at baby showers.

For parents-to-be, the cost of a baby shower just surpasses the cost of maternity clothes, as well as private scans and appointments, which cost an average total of £81 each.

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