The intelligence disconnect

The 2017 Cyber Defence Monitor: A global perspective


BAE Systems commissioned Opinium to understand the current state of play when it comes to business cyber security. We interviewed 221 Board level executives (at Fortune 500 companies) and 984 IT Decision Makers in eight markets around the world (Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Australia, UAE, Singapore and Malaysia) to understand their concerns and perceptions of preparedness when it comes to their own cyber security.


Cyber security represents the most significant business challenge to 71% of C-suite respondents. Amongst ITDMs, 72% expect to be targeted by a cyber attack over the next 12 months.


There were however noticeable difference between the two groups. Perhaps most worrying: both groups believe the other is responsible in the event of a successful breach. Close examination of the responses to our survey suggested that, while these two groups agree on many things, they often do so from very different perspectives, symptomatic of a lack of clear communication and agreed basic information shared between executives and IT leaders. In turn, this division shapes how and when companies go about defending themselves and, at the extreme, whether they are able to do so effectively.



In both groups, confidence in their organisations’ defences against cyber attack was very high. Our research revealed that businesses are increasingly aware of the unpredictable nature of the cyber threats they face, and, despite differences, C-suite executives and ITDMs alike are taking increasingly pragmatic and informed choices about how they go about minimising the risks they face.