The problem with controversial smart meters

Our research for uSwitch has found that one in three have problems with controversial smart meters as the devices go ‘dumb’ and give users wrong data.

The meters, which are supposed to make life easier for customers by automatically sending gas and electricity reading to suppliers as often as every half an hour, stopped working for a third of those who made a switch.  A further one in ten (13%), found their meter stopped working completely.

Suppliers were expected to stop offering first-generation meters in March 2019, yet one in five (20%) smart meter owners say they have been offered a first-generation smart meter device. More than a fifth of households said they felt pressured into taking a smart meter, while a further 5% said their supplier tried to install one without their permission.

Despite this, the arrival of smart meters has helped to galvanise better energy habits among consumers. Two thirds (67%) say that their meter has improved their awareness of usage and 63% believe it has inspired energy saving habits, like turning off lights when they aren’t in rooms (38%) and only boiling water for what is needed, rather than using the full kettle (29%).

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