A third of working families have struggled to pay their energy bills

Research conducted by Opinium, on behalf of USwitch has revealed that half (48%) of working families in the UK worry about paying for their energy bills, and a third (32%) have struggled to pay for their energy bills in the past.

The struggle to pay for energy bills has led to half of working families (49%) planning on cutting their energy use over the winter period, in order to be able to pay or pay less for their energy bills. This is despite two thirds (66%) worrying that it could affect their family’s health.  

Worryingly, the effects of cutting energy use could start affecting working family’s children and their futures. Over half (54%) of working families who plan on cutting their energy use are concerned that this will negatively affect their child’s performance at school. Furthermore, two thirds (61%) report that their children do not focus on their schoolwork when their home is cold

Some working families, in order to save money for heating bills, have resorted to energy saving solutions. A fifth (19%) have left the over door open to heat their home and 13% have foregone household essentials to pay for their bills. Remarkably one in 10 families (10%) have lived in one room in their house to save on energy costs.

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