How to balance efficiency and human connection

Our new study on behalf of Verint’s “Defining the Human Age: A Reflection on Customer Service in 2030” explores how technology, societal trends, the workplace and customer preferences will shape customer engagement in the years to come.

The study of more than 36,000 consumers across 18 countries challenges us to think about how we can deliver a customer experience that will truly engage customers from today into 2030 and beyond.

Some of the key findings from our research are:

  • 49% of consumers have been with their service providers for more than 3 years
  • Nearly two thirds (63%) are happy to be served by a chatbot given the option to escalate to a human when needed
  • 76% want human contact to remain part of the customer service equation
  • Almost seven out of every 10 consumers want their service experience to be personalized to them and their interests
  • More than two thirds (68%) said organizations need to make it easier for them to resolve a query without having to call someone or go in-store
  • Customer service will continue to play a vital role – 66% of consumers are more likely to switch to organizations that provide what they deem to be a better customer experience

To succeed in the future companies must be honest and transparent and both human interaction and automation are going to play a vital role in customer engagement.

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