UK consumers would pay an extra £200 for recyclable packaging

Our study, on behalf of Ecover, has found that despite being prepared to pay an extra £200 a year, UK consumers remain confused about recycling.

70% are confused about which plastics can be recycled with a third putting them in general waste bins when they do not know. Almost half (45%) want more education on what can and cannot be recycled and 56% want clearer labelling on packaging.

Sir David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II series appears to be a major driver behind changing consumer behaviour, with one in five saying they have started using reusable shopping bags since watching the documentary. Furthermore, 16% have made more effort to recycle while 13% have switched to products that use less packaging.

It was also revealed that there was resentment for those who do not recycle with 38% believing that they are as bad as those who drop litter in the street.

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