UK spends over £11bn on pets

Research by Opinium on behalf of Asda Pet Insurance, found that UK dog and cat owners are spending approximately £11.6 billion annually on gifts, special diets and activities for their pets.

This research revealed that British dog and cat owners spend an average of £495 a year on activities and gifts for their pets. Over the past 12 months this totals to approximately £11.6 billion.

The single biggest spend is on trips to the vet at £150 per year. Other significant expenditures include special diets (£58 per year), grooming treatments (£43 per year) and even holidays (£41 per year).

High spending pet parents

Pet owners in London spend the most on average each year by far (£1,284) while those in Wales spent the least out of all the UK cities (£292).

According to the study, IT professionals were found to splash on average £1,752 a year to look after their cats and dogs, over three times the national average. In contrast, those working in retail and healthcare are the thriftiest with their pampering, spending just £338 and £356 a year respectively.

Occupation was also revealed to be a key differentiating factor when it comes to choice in breed, especially amongst dogs. Asda found that healthcare professionals are most likely to favour Spaniels over other breeds of dog. Those working in education meanwhile were most likely to own Retrievers. Finally, manufacturing and construction workers were most likely to be owners of Terriers.


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