Vodafone’s groundbreaking initiative to tackle domestic abuse

Vodafone is rolling out an app that provides support for victims of domestic violence and abuse through working with local partners in different countries.

Our research for Vodafone on this has explored the scale of the problem across a range of countries and the impact on the lives of the working population.

We found that at least a third of women and a sixth of men are currently or have experienced domestic abuse. Psychological control and emotional abuse (61%) are the most common forms followed by 52% having experienced physical violence and a quarter experiencing financial abuse.

Two-thirds of workers who have experienced abuse in their working lives felt this affected their work with 10% saying they had leave their workplace.

Discussing domestic violence is still a taboo; 50% of those who had experienced domestic abuse felt too ashamed to discuss this at work, although when employees did share their experiences at work, 53% said that positive things happened as a consequence.

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