The nations favourite Quality Street: The Purple One

Opinium Research carried out a study on behalf of Nestle to find out the nations favourite Quality Street and what their favourite chocolate says about their personality.

The Purple One: Planner Fans of the Purple one, which came out on top with 21% of the vote, are likely to be forward planners who like to think ahead. They tend to finish their Christmas Shopping weeks in advance.

Strawberry Delight: Creative– Fans of the second most popular Quality Street are creative, and are most likely to buy Christmas presents throughout the year. For them, Christmas is all about the tree and they love to be the one to put the star on top.

Green Triangle: Gifter– Fans of the third favourite are most likely to be found in their pajamas all day and love giving presents as much as they love receiving them.

Orange Crème:Carer– Orange Crème lovers are the carers of the group and always willing to lend a helping hand.

Caramel Swirl: Early bird– Fans of this caramel chocolate combination have their eyes peeled for the first Christmas advert and like to take centre stage.

Fudge: Foodie– Christmas dinner is the main event for Fudge lovers

Honeycomb Crunch: Comedian– Those who chose this newbie Quality Street are the type who feel festive as soon as the advent calendar is opened and love a laugh at Christmas

Milk Choc Block: Fashionista– The ones who love to wear Christmas jumpers

Toffee Finger: Film Buff– Lovers of the classic toffee stick are family focused. The festive highlight is a Christmas film that all the kids can enjoy.

Toffee Penny: Party starter– Always the first to rock a Christmas cracker hat and know how to get the party started

Coconut Éclair: Caroler– The musical ones of the bunch; they are the most likely to get a festive sing-song started.

Chocolate Orange Crunch: Offerer– The nurturers of the groups; at Christmas they like to make sure everyone’s looked after.

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