Why do employees really leave their jobs?

Research conducted by Opinium on behalf of Michael Page recruitment reveals over a quarter of British workers have lied to their bosses about why they’re leaving their job.

Leaving a job can often be a delicate process, manoeuvring difficult conversations with colleagues and managing your words carefully to avoid hard feelings. But negotiating these conversations for over a quarter (27%) of British workers has meant lying to bosses about the real reason behind their departure.

This figure rises to 43% of workers with a long-term health condition, 40% of workers aged 18-34, 37% of ethnic minority workers and 36% of LGBT workers.

So why are employees leaving? A third (32%) leave because they felt they were being underpaid, a fifth (21%) didn’t feel valued in the workplace and 15% said their job was adversely impacting their mental health. Not fitting in or feeling included were also cited as reasons for leaving a job (9%).

Furthermore, almost half (45%) said their company did not have a specific policy on inclusion and more than half (58%) said they didn’t think their company prioritises diversity and inclusion.

Companies would surely benefit from creating more open and honest spaces in the exit interview process so they are able to understand exactly why employees leave and what they can learn as a result going forward.

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