Workplace social taboos about mental health

Our research with QBE suggests workplace mental health is being neglected because management still view it as taboo with a third (29%) of senior UK business leaders surveyed believing employees should not discuss mental health issues in the workplace.

One in five said they would not want to hire someone with a declared mental illness. The reluctance to employ people with mental ill health increased to one in four managers in companies with more than 1,000 employees.

28% of managers admitted they do not know how to deal with employees’ mental health issues, while some 43% have received no mental health training.

There was some acknowledgment more should be done: 45% of managers in larger companies said their business should do more; and 71% said they would benefit from more training on dealing with employees’ mental health issues.

Almost two out of five (38%) believed stress in the workplace is inevitable and out of employers’ control, but three out of four (77%) believed employers have a responsibility to tackle workplace stress.

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