World Book Day: Parents spend more on outfits than they do on novels

Our research for Royal Mail has found that parents are likely to invest more time and money on their child’s World Book Day costume than they do on books.

Over half (61%) say they feel other parents go “all out” in a bid to impress others on social media, while almost the same number agree that the annual celebration of reading is more about the costumes than the books themselves.

Some parents are spending as much as £100 on an outfit. Yet the average household’s bill for recreation and culture, including books, was just £74.60 last year, according to the Office for National Statistics.

Furthermore, while 46% of parents say they buy their children an outfit for the day, only 36% plan to invest in a novel.

Meanwhile, Royal Mail has unveiled four decorative postboxes that honour authors of children’s literature for World Book Day; CS Lewis in Belfast, Frances Hodgson Burnett in Manchester and Judith Kerr in Barnes, south-west London and David Walliams in central London.

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