Written off cars

Our recent study on behalf of InsureTheGap.com amongst 2,000 drivers found that around a third (29%) of British drivers have had a car written off at least once during their driving career. Equally 7% have had two or more cars written off.

When it comes to the fault of incident, nearly two thirds (65%) said that the accident was not their fault, with the majority of those (55%) blaming another driver, and the remaining 10% saying their car was stolen and written off. In contrast, more than a quarter (27%) said they were at fault, with one in ten citing an accident with another vehicle. One in ten (10%) confessed they were the only vehicle involved. 

Over two fifths (45%) of drivers would not be able to afford the same car again if it was written off and their insurer only paid them half of what they paid for it.

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